Oasa's Core Values


We are purposeful in the way we practice empathy.  By not only understanding what another person is feeling, but by being able to communicate this to others, we can provide the best possible behavioral healthcare available.

Community Focus

We’re not naive. The world isn’t always kind to people. It can be unforgiving and even unsafe. And for some, it just feels impossible. Oasa Health understands people sometimes need an extra hand to make it through the day, to reach that next step, to tackle the next barrier. We all have the desire to pull ourselves up. And as those days lead into weeks, months, and years, we’re here to stand beside those in need to make sure their journey is as smooth as it can be. We know that healthy individuals make a healthy community.

Active Listening

People share exactly what they need if you only take the time to listen. Whether it’s talking to a family about their concerns for a loved one or listening to one of our caregivers about new ways to offer assistance, we learn when we listen. We understand everyone wants to be heard and validated. And not only do our patients feel understood, but this process allows us to gain the information we need to create the most ideal, personalized plan of care.

Continual Improvement

The world is changing. Healthcare procedures, treatments and technologies are constantly advancing. When you’re dealing with dynamic factors like these, our success will continually rely on our ability to change along with them. But our commitment to providing the best mental health care will remain constant. Oasa Health is committed to continually improving and adopting new technologies, tools, therapies, and processes to remain the best in the world.


Some circumstances, like people experiencing a mental health crisis, are impossible to plan for, while other situations will give subtle clues if we’re truly paying attention. In the caregiving world, it helps to have a talent for handling both. When an individual is in crisis, so are their loved ones, and our patients’ families can sleep easier knowing that our experienced and accessible caregivers will ensure that, no matter what the day has in store, their loved one will be in the best possible hands.