About Us

Minding Our Community

Oasa Health is a community-focused partnership between Signet Health and Healthcare Development Partners built on trust, values, and expertise. Together, we build, own and operate behavioral health facilities across the United States bringing hope and high-quality services to communities in need.

About Signet Health

With a mission of advocating for people, especially those at their most vulnerable, Signet has partnered with hospitals and healthcare systems to provide expertise in behavioral healthcare, acute physical rehabilitation and additional services for nearly 25 years. Signet is Vizient’s strategic service partner for behavioral health and acute physical rehabilitation and brings an unprecedented amount of knowledge, experience and passion to its client hospitals nationwide.

About Healthcare
Development Partners

HDP is an at-risk real estate development firm of healthcare facilities, offering construction management, project management, and acquisition services.  With over 20 years of experience, HDP has developed more than $2.5 billion in healthcare real estate.